Why Choose Applegate Consulting?

1) Local Support

We operate locally to provide service to individuals, families, and businesses. Face-to-Face communication might be very important to certain people. Do not hesitate to ask for a meeting with an advisor in-person!

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2) Ultimate Choice

We know how important it is to compare prices. Rates in the insurance industry are cyclical because of the competition amongst carriers. By exploring all of their options with multiple carriers, consumers can be sure to find the right plan at the right price.

Check out our Services page to find some of the carriers we work with.

3) Maximum Support

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with insurance companies. Long hold times, inconsistent answers, and slow claims processing are just some of the complaints we here from people about insurance companies. We are here to be the middleman between our clients and the insurance companies to take away the hassle and headaches.

To learn more about health insurance go to our Health Insurance 101 page.

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4) Health Care News

With all the changes to health insurance due to Health Care Reform or Obamacare, people are confused about how the new law affects them. We are up-to-date on the changes and can explain how they have affected one’s health options. While we are giving advice based off our knowledge and interpretation of the law, we do not claim to provide legal advice or counsel.

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“Hunt Applegate provides the kind of generous, customer- centered service hard to come by these days. Besides being well-informed about the kinds of insurance that are his specialty, and usefully connected with people in the offices of providers, he is quick to understand a particular client’s unique situation and concerns, even if they are unusual. In helping me work out the complicated insurance needs of a family member, he was patient with every detail as well as persistent and reliable at completing some tedious points of follow-through. He is in every respect attentive and considerate and an all-around pleasure to do business with. “

–Jane K (individual health client)


“Hunt has been a great help finding the right plan. In a world of ever-changing policies, he helps to monitor your status and help tailor the policy to your needs.”

– Danny B. (individual health client)


“We were very pleased with Hunt’s willingness and promptness in responding to our requests for Dental Insurance options. The information he provided along with his initiative in contacting our present dentists to verify their acceptance of our Dental Insurance made it an easy decision on our part to accept his proposal.”

– George P. (individual dental client)


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